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Illuminated Switches

GDSI provides electro luminescent backlight for keypads and displays.  It is an efficient and cosmetically desirable alternative to incandescent, light pipes, fluorescent, LED and fiber optic light sources.
EL lighting provides the following advantages:

  • Compact: Thin EL panel requires significantly less space and raw material
  • Consistent light distribution: Eliminates the point source of light inherent in LED, incandescent and other point light sources.
  • Reduced power requirements: Can reduce power demands by 50% or more.
  • Lower heat generation: EL panels do not produce heat.

Combined with D/SPC® additional advantages are:

  • Total circuit resistance is reduced.
  • EL panel can be placed in tighter design spaces.
  • Circuit substrate material is reduced.
  • Interconnect failure points are eliminated.
  • Estimated half life is maximized.

Find out more about electroluminescent backlighting for a more reliable solution for illuminated switches.

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