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Non-Tactile Membrane Switchmembrane switch

A non-tactile Membrane switch is typically constructed as two circuit layers separated by a spacer.  The top and bottom layer can both have circuit patterns that are shorted together, or one layer of circuitry where interlocking “fingers” or electrically connected by a shorting bar. There is no tactile or “click” as part of the actuation.  Because there is no tactile response, it is common for the application to have an audible response such as a beep, or a light so the operator is aware that the contact has been made.

GDSI specializes in the design and manufacture of membrane switches that need to withstand harsh environments or require a higher level of reliability than typical silver on polyester switches.
We can use a variety of circuit configurations and materials that are proven to last longer and perform more reliably  Some of these options include:

  • Completely sealed switches
  • D/SPC ® - Unique circuit technology eliminates problems associated with cross over polymer circuitry.
  • Double and single sided copper circuitry


View our membrane switch case studies for examples of how our technology has met demanding requirements.

Design Advantage

Performance Results

Low profile, flat surface, compact keypad spacing

Provides switching in smaller spaces, with less  weight and easily cleanable surfaces

Wide range of actuation forces

Human factor sensitivity can be pinpointed for maximum response

Controls can be placed where most needed

Greater ease of use by control operator

Reduces demand for large switch construction on control panel

More efficient use of materials

Replaces mechanical actuation devices

Ideal for portable instrumentation

Completely sealed construction

Prevents permeation of chemicals, oils and contaminants

Design Options

Circuitry: single-, double-sided, molded
Complete environmental sealing, gasketing
Unlimited graphic design possibilities
Components; LED, LCD, EL panels
Backers and stiffeners
Convex surface conformance and actuation

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