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Polymer vs. Copper Flex Circuitry

Polymer Benefits:

  1. Lower Cost
  2. RoHS Compliant
  3. Green: Additive Process, Minimal Waste Stream
  4. Lighter Weight
  5. SMT with Conductive Epoxy
  6. Same Connectors as Copper Circuitry with Limited Line Width and Space Considerations
  7. Easy Retrofit Capability
  8. Hybrid Solution: Single-Sided Copper, Polymer Through-Hole
  9. D/SPC® vs. Cross Over, Eliminates Potential Failure Points
  10. Can Recycle, Reclaim
  11. Best Suited for One-Time Use Applications.
  12. Durable for Harsh Environments
  13. Polyester is Cheaper than Polyimide
  14. Polymer Inks can be Printed on Alternative Substrates
    1. PEN
    2. Ultem®
    3. Vinyl
  15. Other Materials
  16. Eliminate Adhesive: No Adhesive Connecting Circuit to Substrate
  17. Can Conform to 3D Routing Requirements
  18. Minimizes Mass, Dissipates Heat more efficiently
  19. Minimal Outgassing Risk (No Adhesive Risk)

Polymer Limitations:

  1. Current
  2. Temp Range
  3. Line and Space Width (Density)
  4. No Dynamic Flex Options
  5. Solder
  6. BGA’s, Smart Components
  7. Multilayer

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